Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki & Tatsuro Yamashita – Pacific (CBS/SONY IMAGE SERIES) [1978]

Pacific  A joint venture between CBS and Sony during the hostile business culture towards foreign companies in Japan years, Pacific (1978) is a treat to the ears, its theme of the southern Pacific ocean and its warm cerulean waters relax its listeners with a fusion of city pop, soft jazz, and that good old 1970’s funk while remaining surprisingly fully instrumental throughout all contributions from artists Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki, and Tatsuro Yamashita. A few tracks from the album were later used in later works, and put to good use.

Highly recommended by me, Pacific is a fantastic album that I can always find the time to squeeze in and get comfy with.

For more information about the CBS/Sony Image Series albums convertibletoyokohama.com wrote an article detailing the rich history of this collaboration.

Waifish Waifus – A Commentary

Today's waifu on the go: No longer restricted to a dusty shelf or placed near a monitor, this Houki "nendo" has been taken for a ride by it's owner.

Today’s waifu on the go: No longer restricted to a dusty shelf or placed near a monitor, this Houki “nendo” has been taken for a ride by its owner. Picture Source: Nitroxide, wild man and anime enthusiast.

This isn’t your sister’s figurine,

It’s a much beloved and treasured article for an anime fan. At least the ones that like Houki Shinonono from the anime Infinite Stratos.

In this particular editorial piece, I will discuss some of my thoughts on the concept of the waifu, and the meaning that it has for today’s hustle bustling “on the go” anime fan.

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Summer Season 2015 – It’s almost here folks!



it’s time for some anime my good and loyal friends. A new season full of expectations, let-downs, and guilty pleasures.

Me? I’m going to watch a few myself after a short hiatus from East Asian Animation. In fact, I’ll spot-light 3 of my summer picks this season!

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The Invisible Storm is Coming – Yuri Kuma Arashi Theory Crafting


Soon…the Invisible Storm will come. But fresh interpretations and critiques always taste the best! Gao Gao~!

*Note: This post was written at the time of Episode 2, so the theories are quite outdated at this point because Ikuhara is a master troll. 

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Yuri Kuma Arashi is a DELICIOUS MEAL SMELL


Lesbians, flower symbolism, psychedelic sex sequences, fabulous posing and even bears who are lesbians! It looks like that wily Ikuhara is up to his old tricks again!

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Tales of Xillia 2: Overall Thoughts

[skiddiks] Tales of Xillia 2 - OP [PS3 720p Vorbis][B377F13B].mkv_snapshot_02.05_[2014.11.02_22.46.24]

If you haven’t finished the Tales of Xillia, I suggest you tread carefully as I’ll be spoiling twists from it. Unless you don’t plan on playing it, in which case whatever.

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Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike Review


A prequel movie to one of the most popular Tales of games to have ever come out of Japan, Tales of Vesperia The First Strike promises to be an engaging prequel telling the story of a younger Yuri Lowell. Alas, plot and character inconsistencies (with the Xbox 360 version of the game) prevent this movie from being anything more than slightly enjoyble.

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The VHS Era – Riding Bean / 1989

▶ Riding Bean - YouTube [720p].mp4_snapshot_00.04_[2014.11.17_16.50.19]

I like cars, and I like guns. I especially love short OVA’s filled with action and zany anime cliches.

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Tamako Love Story – My Love Letter


Everybody loves somebody. I love this film.

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Saying that I like the first Valkyria Chronicles game is a huge understatement. I love the game.

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