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[OELVN] Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons: In My Opinion


Today, I will be discussing some of my criticisms and opinions about the OELVN, Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons which can be found on the Steam store page. It is a free demo that is supplemented with character packs (of which only one is available so far at the price tag of 5 dollars) and has a light fantasy, magic based setting.

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do it for HER

Woah, a new MoeAlt member? What is this? Does this mean people are gonna actually be writing again? Well I don’t know about other people, especially not that Masserati fella, but I definitely will be.

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Tales of Xillia 2: Overall Thoughts

[skiddiks] Tales of Xillia 2 - OP [PS3 720p Vorbis][B377F13B].mkv_snapshot_02.05_[2014.11.02_22.46.24]

If you haven’t finished the Tales of Xillia, I suggest you tread carefully as I’ll be spoiling twists from it. Unless you don’t plan on playing it, in which case whatever.

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Copy Kitty – First Impressions

Do you hate your GPU? Do you like laser kitten girls? Then I've got a game for you!

Do you hate your GPU? Do you like laser kitten girls? Then I’ve got a game for you!


Now this might come as a surprise to some of you, the readers, that Moe-Alt is doing a rather shameless plug of a video game; when the norm is to write about anime or other such topical industry and community interests.

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Masserati’s Fabulously Exciting Entrance


Why hello there, Masserati’s the name and I’m pretty happy to be able to write for this blog. I’ve been wanting to write in a blog format for quite some time after becoming frustrated with how MAL does things, but I’ve never had the time to properly go about setting up my own. Needless to say, I was more than willing to accept an offer to write for a blog that I find to be as entertaining as this one. 

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Current State of Moe-Alternative


In rather unfortunate news, we will be unable to bring you the Best of 2013 Awards post due to a recent lack of free time.

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Moe-Alternative has Reached 100,000 Views!


At long last, our humble blog, Moe-Alternative has reached 100,000 views! Although small-time compared to the big anime blogs out there, it’s nonetheless a huge achievement for us and we’d like to take a few moments to go through all the obligatory congratulatory mubo-jumbo that nobody likes reading.

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I’m glad I know sign language, it’s pretty handy.


Salutations! My name is Stellio and my friend DDK has graciously allowed me to join this blog in recent times. While blogging isn’t a completely foreign concept to me, this is my first time moving to an online space, and I prefer to see this as a first-run expedition. That is, an endeavor meant to succeed, but could potentially take a long time to consummate.

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The End of Episodics


Episodic blogging is something that I’ve stuck to for the past year or so, and while it’s mostly been a positive experience, I feel some changes are finally in order.

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Are you ready? I’m ready


Hello, my name is McNagah and I’m a newcomer in the anime blogosphere. My main goal is to become a great critic and a good writer too. This is a great opportunity for me to complete my goals. On this blog I will be writing about current season anime, and some factions I have about anime.

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