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Hello everyone!


Howdy, I’m 10bit, and my friend DDK has graciously allowed me to join his blog and take some of the writing load off his back.  I will be writing about Devil Survivor 2 anime currently airing this season, and I will write about other anime I’m invested into in the late future.

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A Year in Retrospect – Blogging


I suppose this be the time of year where one is supposed to reflect and give some sort of speech involving resolutions that will never be kept. Yes, it’s that kind of post.

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Announcement: THOSE GUYS Collaboration

It’s time for world domination. Or perhaps some video reviews.

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萌え Alternative covers Saimoe 2012!

Seriously, what would a blog with the word “moe” in its title be without covering one of the biggest moe-related elimination tournaments on the net? Actually the title is a bit of a misnomer as it will just be me covering this tournament in collaboration with ahelo from Traveller on Revenge.

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50 answers to 50 questions

DDK will soon regret asking me and I will soon regret accepting the offer.

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Chihayafuru Season 2 Confirmed + Our Downtime

My goodness, this is the best piece of news I’ve heard all week. This would have completely made my week if it wasn’t for our site going down for a couple of days. But like they say, there’s always good and bad news.

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Introducing writer debates!

So this is an anime blog yet only one person used an anime-related icon...

So in another attempt to try and add some diversity to our blog posts and get our readers involved in some actual discussion, we’ve decided to integrate a monthly topic which we will debate each month. Read on if you are interested in knowing the details!

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Anime North 2012: Denting my bank account since 2005

Yes, I went to this. Yes, my dignity is gone.

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A note to my readers and fellow authors

Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t gotten out my Space Bros. post yet when I’m normally very punctual about blogging. I hate to make excuses but I can only say, I’m just not feeling motivated to write about this show anymore.

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It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch. 16


I honestly can't think of a caption for this.

Oh Tomoko. Why are you so cool…

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