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Anime Studies Online is a recently assembled website with a focus on the collaborative nature of academic journals – except with anime. A far more professional attempt at coverage of anime as the sum of its parts rather than a homogenous and general summary. Despite their provocative domain name, their intent is clear and concise.

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Copy Kitty – First Impressions

Do you hate your GPU? Do you like laser kitten girls? Then I've got a game for you!

Do you hate your GPU? Do you like laser kitten girls? Then I’ve got a game for you!


Now this might come as a surprise to some of you, the readers, that Moe-Alt is doing a rather shameless plug of a video game; when the norm is to write about anime or other such topical industry and community interests.

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Happy Birthday DDK!

This image can easily be interpreted as Sailor Venus wishing Donny a happy birthday.

This image can easily be interpreted as Sailor Venus wishing Donny a happy birthday.

Today, my dear old friend and co-resident writer Donny (aka DDK and DPRK) has turned the wonderful of 43 this year. To all friends and readers who appreciate the hard work he does, feel free to contact him on his social media sites and give him your best wishes!

An Insight on Storytelling


With any kind of media, the weight and subsequent value of a good storyline can make or break most concepts. Originality has some factor in this; however a well written rehashed concept is still better than an original concept/soon to be flop because the story can’t hold itself together. It’s a “the worst of the best is far better than the best of the worst” situation that all content creators and their producers deal with all the time. Objectively and alternatively, a bad story made with heart is still better than manufactured “good” story.

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Anime Cliques, Critics and Communities


In which you get to hear me simultaneously rant about the negative aspects of anime communities and espouse “power of friendship” speeches from the 1000+ episodes of mahou shoujo anime that I’ve watched!

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Writing about Anime 102 – Learn the Subject Matter


On this episode of Writers Guide by the Moe-Alt crew, I will be touching base on why it’s important to have an open mind, learn the source material, and make sure you know what you’re talking about before you get exposed like a fraud by some stranger on the internet.

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Spring Season 2014 Recap


The previously long awaited Spring season is almost over, and soon enough Fall season will be among us to deliver other quality and enjoyable titles of anime! Surely. As I’m sure it’s been a burning curiousity, lets discuss those first impressions and how they stack up to the now.

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One Shot Wonders – Island


The manga “Island” comes from a collection of short stories by KOMI Naoshi (of Nisekoi fame) all of which were published in a magazine at some point. In fact, his short story collection is often referred to as the “Nisekoi prototype” from time to time. Otherwise, Island standalone is still a rather interesting one-shot experience.

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One-shot Wonders – Hotel Harbour View


Not all of us get to choose how we live, even less to the desired end. Hotel Harbour View is story about a man who attempts reign control back into his life by deciding and planning out his own death, just the way he wants it to end.

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My Thoughts on Hatsukoi Kouzoushiki


Instead beating around the bush and abusing the tag system as per Moe-Alt tradition, I thought that I would partake in the “pure” lily that is the Yuri sub-genre of romance manga and use the tag properly. I can’t say that Hatsukoi Kouzoushiki was really the best start, but we all have to start somewhere!

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