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Spring Season 2014 Recap


The previously long awaited Spring season is almost over, and soon enough Fall season will be among us to deliver other quality and enjoyable titles of anime! Surely. As I’m sure it’s been a burning curiousity, lets discuss those first impressions and how they stack up to the now.

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Ping Pong The Animation and why Yuasa x Matsumoto is my OTP

Ping Pong

A harmonious fusion of two very talented and distinctive artists’ styles, Masaki Yuasa’s adaptation of Taiyo Matsumoto’s Ping Pong is one to remember.

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Captain Earth: First Impressions

[Commie] Captain Earth - 01 [5FCC2A06].mkv_snapshot_00.03_[2014.04.10_00.35.30]

Captain Earth is another anime-original mecha coming from BONES and the team behind Star Driver.

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Soul Eater Not! First Impressions – This is Not! a Lost Cause Yet!

ss (2014-04-13 at 05.58.00)

Soul Eater Not! is a spin off of the anime/manga Soul Eater. Featuring a new cast of characters going before and around the time the latter show takes place.

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Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation First Impressions – Next Level Manga


Mangaka-san to Assistant-san is an interesting and short comedy anime about the perils of making and publishing ero-manga, and the lack of first hand information about females; something Donny has struggled with for years.

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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei First Impressions – Implied Incest is Still Legal In Post-WWIII Japan


After a little research, I now realize why people kept correlating Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, a Sci-Fi show more focused on the supernatural, with a highly esteemed show called OreImo (“My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute”).

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Gokukoku no Brynhildr First Impressions – Elfen Lied 2.0


Cute Girls + Sexy Outfits + Violence + A Supernatural Backdrop + Harem = The Five Okamoto Lynn Principles.

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Abarenbou Kishi!! Matsutarou First Impressions – A Bad Person Doesn’t Make For a Bad Show!


I find it funny how this was such a controversial first episode. You’d think people wouldn’t equate a character with unlikable traits or flaws to a poorly written one, but I guess not.

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Selector Infected WIXOSS First Impression – Card Protector Sleeves With My Waifu On It

[DeadFish] Selector Infected WIXOSS - 01 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_00.59_[2014.04.06_08.15.33]

I’ve been severely lacking in anime that involve young girls locked into brutal and vicious to the death combat over a card game, and thankfully, Selector Infected WIXOSS has brought new and refreshing content to the table.

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Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii First Impressions – We Gotta Please the Male Viewers!


If you were ever wondering how not to do a lighthearted high-fantasy title, this is probably as good of an example of any.

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