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Eromanga-Sensei – 01

Eromanga-Sensei is the self-described “new sibling romantic comedy” of 2017. That or I’m being lied to by ANN.

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Akitaka Tohyama, Yoshihito Yano – Muscle March OST [2009]

Muscle March

A work of unparalleled genius, and very reminiscent of the Katamari Damacy soundtrack, the OST of Muscle March is filled with wonderful upbeat and kooky Japanese songs celebrating the glory of muscles. Truly, I have never been more inspired to commit more time to personal fitness before playing the actual game on the Wii, as well as steal back my Creatine powder jug from a jiggling cybernetic blue man.

Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki & Tatsuro Yamashita – Pacific (CBS/SONY IMAGE SERIES) [1978]

Pacific  A joint venture between CBS and Sony during the hostile business culture towards foreign companies in Japan years, Pacific (1978) is a treat to the ears, its theme of the southern Pacific ocean and its warm cerulean waters relax its listeners with a fusion of city pop, soft jazz, and that good old 1970’s funk while remaining surprisingly fully instrumental throughout all contributions from artists Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki, and Tatsuro Yamashita. A few tracks from the album were later used in later works, and put to good use.

Highly recommended by me, Pacific is a fantastic album that I can always find the time to squeeze in and get comfy with.

For more information about the CBS/Sony Image Series albums wrote an article detailing the rich history of this collaboration.