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Yes, I know we’re not funny

Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou First Impressions – The Finest Literature Available


When I watch anime, I can’t help but feel the need to ponder on the temptations of our material world. Like sticking my head in holes, or wandering into women only areas. Thankfully, Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou is sating my intense and existential curiosities.

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Current State of Moe-Alternative


In rather unfortunate news, we will be unable to bring you the Best of 2013 Awards post due to a recent lack of free time.

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Moe-Alternative has Reached 100,000 Views!


At long last, our humble blog, Moe-Alternative has reached 100,000 views! Although small-time compared to the big anime blogs out there, it’s nonetheless a huge achievement for us and we’d like to take a few moments to go through all the obligatory congratulatory mubo-jumbo that nobody likes reading.

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Recall Runback – Silent Möbius


Welcome to the Recall Runback, which has nothing to do with the Runback Recap. At all.

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1989 – A Year of Anime in Review [FINAL]


Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’re at the last stop of the shiny neon colored decade.

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1987 – A Year of Anime in Review


I’ve said that previous years in the 80’s changed the game, and they did, but 1987 really takes the cake for the series that really kicked of a merchandise powerhouse, and managed to infiltrate its way into Americana. Symbolic with girl’s toys and everything cute, it came at just the right time to be introduced into the mainstream teenage pop culture. Hello Kitty has arrived.

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1986 – A Year of Anime in Review


Back from a one day delay (Super Bowl + hangover = not time for anime), let me, resident writer 10bit, take you on another magical journey of nostalgia and seemingly higher quality anime. It’s 1986 and the party just started.

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1985 – A Year of Anime in Review


Mecha has been taking a nap. It seems about fitting, that after improving the tech and genre, it would once again hijack the anime scene in the middle of the 80’s. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re halfway there and it’s only getting better as we go on.

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1984 – A Year of Anime in Review


Another year of firsts for Japanese Animation, and no signs of slowing down. A number of series kept anime rolling in good times throughout the year, and still managed to include less mecha than resident writer Hss would like.

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1983 – A Year of Anime in Review


Wow, the 80’s are just saturated with mecha anime. Or maybe it’s author bias. Never you worry Yurinakamurachan, there’s just a little bit less this time.

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