gj SILVER LINK. You did it.

I was extremely bored last night and decided to go on /a/ for the first time in a while. As I was browsing, I caught a glimpse of a thread refering to Hisako Kanemoto as “THIS BITCH”. Of course, it being 4chan, I was completely incapable of finding any sort of information on this aside from ‘OH MAN THIS SLUT DESERVES TO DIE’ etc, etc. Surprisingly there hadn’t been any information on this incident on Sankaku Complex either (as much as I really hate that site). This left me with one more site to check. It saddens me to say that this site was reddit.

Apparently SILVER LINK decided to pull a bit of a cruel prank on Matsuhiro Icihiki. After auditioning for one of the parts in the anime Kokoro Connect, he was promised to be recognized as an ‘official employee’ of SILVER LINK and that he should drop by the office on a certain day. Of course, being a B-list seiyuu, this would be a huge opportunity for him. Unfortunately, when that day came, SILVER LINK apparently claimed that they were joking and instead offered him a job as a janitor, much to his surprise.

Well of course, this resulted in a huge PR backlash with anime fans all over the world raging about how this B-list voice actor’s dreams were essentially shit on. As you can see here, Kokoro Connect’s BD rating have been review bombed from what I can assume used to be around 4.5 rating.

I for one, don’t really care. I’m more so just confused as to why they did this. I mean like, was it a publicity stunt? If so, this is probably amongst the worst marketing ideas I’ve ever heard in my life. There are so many better ways to get your show to sell more BDs and you choose this? Man Japan, you’re weird.

More information can be found here and the video of the said prank can be found here.

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3 responses to “gj SILVER LINK. You did it.

  1. I heard Kitamura Eri’s getting backlashed for this also even though she hasn’t really done anything. Crazy how one thing leads to another. I feel bad for Ichiki-san though; bullying is never a good thing.

    Props to Sugita-san for defending him.

  2. Its not Silver Link, its Yamanaka, Kokoro Connect producer which is also King Records/Starchild producer.

  3. But,i still wait this season 2 to comeback! Not with the bullying case, but i love a story, character and many more, a romance and mystery about heartseed is uknown, are we satisfied with this end? I cant believe it!