I’m glad I know sign language, it’s pretty handy.


Salutations! My name is Stellio and my friend DDK has graciously allowed me to join this blog in recent times. While blogging isn’t a completely foreign concept to me, this is my first time moving to an online space, and I prefer to see this as a first-run expedition. That is, an endeavor meant to succeed, but could potentially take a long time to consummate.

So besides using convoluted word choices to compensate for my future procrastination ventures, I hope to try out new writing styles and improve upon basic writing conventions. I may also occasionally (or on a day-to-day basis) attempt to spice things up by satiating the readers’ taste-buds with atrocious puns, such as the one displayed as the title, and sarcastic phrases/oxymora in upcoming blog entries. I’m still an amateur, so please bear with me. 

Anyway, I first caught sight of anime way back when Detective Conan was my chief obsession in elementary school. I enjoyed a heavy-handed experience with my second anime ever School Days a few years ago, which, although chilling me to my bones, sparked an interest in the medium. Now I’m another dude almost approaching his 400th completed anime, and goodies how depressing it is. Time was definitely wasted on many ghastly horrendous entries that I took time to watch, but it’s been a generally wonderful duration when I could discuss such a diverse medium with others. Having prior knowledge on many literary works, I also hope to marry my eccentricity with serious business and have a blast writing these blogs in the process. With that said, tie the knot!

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