Remodel of Choujigen Game Neptune The Fanfiction Episode One


A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away, slime monsters existed to pester extremely beautiful women, whose bosoms shined ever so brightly amongst sexual innuendos.

Frankly, when I heard that Neptune would be a “parody” of typical video game tropes and clichés, of all the things I expected, nothing was alike the heavenly celestial scenes I witnessed.


To be fair, the first episode in no ways was atrocious to the extent of a seizure or epileptic inducement. As an introduction and premier for the plot and characters, it was in no ways terrible or appalling. For the most part, viewing this series made me feel a bit more comfortable with video game adaptations, as the latest satanic version of Devil Survivor 2 gave me iffy pains and sores on several parts of my body.

That aside, Neptune is in no territorial rights of being called novel or splendid either, it is at best an asinine show meant for only the purposes of entertainment.

And, well, it does do a good job at being… entertaining.


You’ve got my attention

Sometimes, it’s rather difficult to even grasp some of the mature themes of friendship and self-discovery as well. For some it may be entirely normal to think that the Prime Ministers of several major nations happen to be hyperactive, busty, and magical women, but this is an incredulous, new concept to fans that have yet completed the game.

As such, there’re many questionable scenes that I find hardly excusable by its attempts at being a “parody”. There’s even this scene where all four of the girls, Neptune, Blanc, Vert, and Azu- I mean, Noire, happen to be holding hands, and their expressions…



Subtle yuri benchmark #2

Subtle yuri benchmark #2

I-I think she's w-whispering

I-I think she’s w-whispering

Not to mention…



Ah yes, the above occurred when Noire led a group of girls into a village of slime monsters, and she somehow perceived the situation as a way for them to be learning something new. 


Yeah, they need to learn how to take in all them slime into their garments.

What? Did your chest grow beyond the horizons?

What? Did your chest grow beyond the horizons?

Anyway, one can pretty much sum up this episode with a couple of words: licentious, fun, and easygoing. It sure is lighthearted, somewhat mysterious regarding the villains, but having such provocative and lack of clothing really bothers me as to whether or not some items, such as our heroine’s character designs, were meant as comedic enhancements.

Even the villain is, uh... well-rounded

Even the villain is, uh… well-rounded

 So far, it has not failed to be enjoyable and ultimately charming, but some aspects are so vacuous that seasoned viewers would not be pleased to pick up the next episode, only the video game fans. As someone who falls into the former category, I’m already struggling to keep my undivided attention when viewing the show unless it’s to hear Noire’s enchanting VA speak,  but awaiting the next episode sure is exciting. Hopefully though, the characters all get their equal share of development, and the plot will evolve into something beyond milk and water. Or even better, service us with more of this goddess!


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6 responses to “Remodel of Choujigen Game Neptune The Fanfiction Episode One

  1. Blanc is the cutest.

  2. Wow, now that’s a funny way to spell Blanc. Just in case you misread, I was talking about the best girl.

    • Well, there’s only one episode out and I haven’t played the original game yet, so my pick of Nepgear is more or less all based on her VA. :S

  3. As THE authority on all things Neptunia (having played all of the ~3 chapters in MK2), Nepgear is definitely best Neptunia. Shit’s official.

    • It’s official, yo!

      (I totally didn’t just see this like 4 months later, I don’t know what you’re talking about)