Appraisal of Nodame Cantabile – The Classical Farce


Rarely does one become so absorbed by a series that they cannot articulate the beauty and serenity of it. Nodame Cantabile is one of those series.

I feel the need to try to express my thoughts nonetheless, since Nodame Cantabile is truly, in every sense, under watched, and perhaps, under appreciated as well.

The premise is extremely bland, and sounds as exciting as a group of alpacas crossing a metropolitan market, rampaging over children, whilst cops with motorcycles hurdle over flaming onion rings to catch up to the monstrous creatures.. Okay, maybe not the best metaphor there, but it gets the point across (only people with “special” taste would be interested).

An anime about classical music. Wait, does anyone even listen to classical music anymore?


Sadly, hypotheses about the decline in the supremacy of classical music’s popularity are often correct. Modern civilization has spawned many genres of music since the eras that glorified classical music, balls, and themes. Meaning, the converse for the expansion of contemporary classical music in contrast to, let’s say, Baroque.

However, that’s not what Nodame Cantabile is entirely about–not at all about the history. The entirety of it centers around the gingery parts of music, and eccentric characters. Its musical taste is very peculiar and enthralling to hear, and the orchestral parts are equally blithesome, canty. But every good musician needs an accompaniment, and Nodame Cantabile plays her cards right spectacularly.







And, reality

And, reality

It’s a fairly easygoing slice of life, josei, and drama series, which subtly develops the relationship between our two wimpy heroines, Nodame and Chiaki. Well, one of them is a guy, but I need an excuse to add the yuri tag. The main setting, interestingly enough, focuses on a music-oriented university, which is uncommonly seen in anime, truthfully (Honest & Clover being the exception). As a student learning an instrument, seeing another spectrum of this field was rather refreshing.

Anyway, the atmosphere of the series sets off a sensational tone; it leaves a lasting impression to the most patient of the audience. Further, it will complete the satisfaction of anyone who desires to embark upon the genre, or just have a fun time with an overly sanguine series. The first season introduces the characters and a generally gratifying side of slice of life and drama, inducing Nodame with auras of a dancing fairy. The mischievous fun continues in season two in Paris! Though some charm is lost, it persists to be a very playful, enjoyable watch. The finale serves a melodramatic dish, leaving behind some dissatisfaction (AKA a promotion for the manga), but still delivers the jolly frolics from before, layering the diverse cast with flavorful personalities.

Heck, even one of my favourite OST is in the last installment.

There are all sorts of naughty to serious flavors in Nodame Cantabile, and I’ll be glad if even one person picks up this series and falls in waltz with the rhythm of it all like I did. As indicated by the intro, Nodame Cantabile is a series that one must see, to love. I highly recommend the franchise with all my might.


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3 responses to “Appraisal of Nodame Cantabile – The Classical Farce

  1. Hi there! My name’s Ginger and am an avid fan of Nodame Cantabile.
    ( mukyaaaaa!! )

    At first, all I know is that the story is something about music, so I downloaded all the episodes and started watching it. Fortunately, i got hooked up! wew!
    Nodame is soo cute. (^_^)v

    I’m a junior musician, and eversince, I’ve been lurking around the beginner zone coz I’m too lazy to study music (on my own) nor to practice. One good thing about this anime, that I think I’m gonna be thankful about, is the urge that it gave me to start practicing again and enhance this little something in me (ehehehe…) I may not be able to study in a conservatory, but there are lots of things that can help me reach my desire.

    And now, I’m starting to do my research about the lives of the classical musicians/performers/composers, and Maurice Ravel is the first person on the list.

    Arigatou Gozaimasu!

    • Hey Ginger!

      Nodame is objectively one of the best (fictional) female characters out there.

      But yeah the initial premise, frankly put, isn’t that exciting at all, and neither the synopsis nor any review could do it justice really. It’s the same with some music, ya know?

      And that’s one of the most amazing things with Nodame, it’s just so surprisingly engrossing if one is even slightly into riveting and bewitching music. Not only are there musical pieces deriving from the Classics, but contemporary pieces (embodying more modern tones) are given a fair shot too. Nodame Cantabile hit me when I was practicing a considerably long piece and on a dry period with music in general, but it really blew me away like no others! Inspiring it is, yes.

      But that’s really interesting. Hopefully you get to advancing your career/interest in music further, glad there’s at least one other person in the world with good taste in music. If you’re studying a classical instrument, such as the viola, however, you should study with an ensemble or a tutor and whatnot since those require finite practicing. But that’s just my coaching self talking bogus again, perhaps.

      If I recall correctly, an adaptation of Maurice Ravel’s famously soothing piece called Bolero was put to good use in Nodame. And like other adopted pieces, it verily did Maurice justice.

  2. I loved Nodame Cantabile as a music lover. It made me start playing classical guitar again and listen to classical music.