1983 – A Year of Anime in Review


Wow, the 80’s are just saturated with mecha anime. Or maybe it’s author bias. Never you worry Yurinakamurachan, there’s just a little bit less this time.


1983 has a few firsts. Dallos is considered to be the first OVA ever made, Golgo 13: The Professional features 3DCG at it’s very infancy, and Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel gave us the ordinary girl turned extraordinary with magic. Gainax got it’s start here as well.

On another note,  I’ve recieved another message from a reader, so I’ll display it below:

1232035Yurinakamurachan says: Haihai again Arekushii-kun! i;m a bit dissappointed with u for putting in a lot of stupid dumb robots in 1982! :(((((((( u said there would be more magical girls and moe but i hope u put some in this post, like creamy mami it’s my fav! >:3 Baibai for now!!!!!

At last I truly see. Please forgive me for my failures as a writer, and I will make up for it as you will come find out.


Skip to Creamy Mami!

ARMORED TROOPER VOTOMS – You Gotta Take Off Your Shirt!


I could go on for days about VOTOMS. I could go on for days about Starship Troopers too. However, that’s not the point of this article, the point is that, the 80’s were a depressing time to live in apparently. VOTOMS continued the “real robot” style after Fang of the Sun Dougram was finished, ensuring that the trend would continue. Not really.

This particular show was fond of taking events from real life wars and supplanting them with mecha and changing the factions, as such there are scenes reminiscent of the Vietnam War, D-Day, and so forth and so on. The drama is gripping but the context is not. Either way, if you want to partake in a soul crushing journey across the cosmos, VOTOMS is your show.


Ahh, the comfort and solidarity that is the Mahou Shoujo genre.

Ah, the comfort and solidarity that is the Mahou Shoujo genre.

The original, the started, the begin point for all things magical idol singer. Studio Pierrot had a strangle hold on the 80’s mahou, and TOEI began losing it’s grip on being the powerhouse producers of the mahou shoujo. Creamy Mami stands out as an important milestone in the history of Magical Girls, and anyone who calls themselves a true connoisseur should partake in the dulcet tones of Mami.


Yū Morisawa, your ordinary and plain ten year old girl encounters a space alien, finds a feather, and is given two special cats and the best but limited time only power of being able to change her age to 16 and back for only one year. After being scouted to sing, she takes up the alias Creamy Mami (after her parents shop) and signs up for a label.


Nothing is truly easy though, as a snake or something is trying to kidnap her and a colleague to work for his label. It’s like real life, but with aliens. I hope you’re happy Yuri.



Talk about an adaption. Sure it’s a show in it’s own right, but it was delayed for another release in the United States and touted as the 3rd saga in the Robotech series, and to an extent they refer to it as part of the series. MOSPEADA just can’t catch a break. In fact, a lot of it’s animation was butchered and re-edited for Robotech: The New Generation and the characters were renamed, but stayed intact. Ironically, this was the least altered of the Robotech Trilogy.

It’s good to get your roots once in a while, Robotech fan or not. What’s not to like about morphing motorcycles fighting off aliens?

GOLGO 13: THE PROFESSIONAL – 3DCG Helicopters Will Fuck You Up


If paid enough money, Golgo can and will assassinate your waifu. He’s hardcore like that. What really gets me about Golgo 13: The Professional is not the wacky James Bond over the top action, or the pioneered use of CG, but just simply the fact that he looks like a young Richard Dawson. Yeah, that Richard Dawson. It’s even more nuts that the villain in the movie is named Leonard Dawson. Speaking of wacky names, fucking DUKE TOGO. A man with class, a sharp shoot, and a nice car. Oh yeah.

Who could forget the awesome power of the early days of CGI? I think that the title of the video is a bit harsh, but no matter the context, no matter the day, the 3DCG helicopter will never get old. It’s a tribute to the enduring legend of DUKE TOGO.

DAICON IV – Yup, That Gainax

Does the Daicon IV video really warrant a post? I’d like to think so. It it wasn’t for the success of this promo, Gainax as we know it wouldn’t exist.  As much as they themselves and tons of internet nerds would like to think differently, it’s the cold hard truth. On a more subjective level, I like Daicon III more than IV, mostly because it was a great monument to the times. Nothing like naked lolis fighting off giant loli’s in monster costumes. Classic Gainax as always. Except the promos actually have a proper ending! (insert claims of sick burns in the comment section) Any way, take a look for yourself.



Dallos is the first OVA, and there’s been discussions on the validity of that, but truly who can top this classic. Directed, written, and created by Mamoru Oshii, the  protégé Hisayuki Toriumi, and by Hisayuki himself, this was a bold step in the world of animation. The Green Cat was not. As it stands, it is a must watch if you are a big fan of Mamoru Oshii’s works, or if you’re looking to take part in the nostalgic warmth of the 1980’s.

url10bit: Whew, another post, another meal. Haha, I kid. I really enjoy putting my heart into A Year of Anime in Review, too bad it takes 4-5 days to write a post for it though! I was thinking about adding on real world events to the posts when I was done, stuff like the NES, and other important things like that. It was brought up in a discussion among friends.

I personally feel that it would be a nice touch, but I’ll see how it goes. Some one said movies, so I got a little excited at the prospect of that. Anyway, this whole post was a playground of trying out new formats for posts, so any feedback would be nice, otherwise I’ll putter around and get to doing it all myself, haha. Stay tuned for 1984, it’ll be a blast!


1389304205014Mary-San: 初めまして

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3 responses to “1983 – A Year of Anime in Review

  1. Hooray for less mecha! This year seems the most fun so far, with more varied shows and cool “firsts” like Daicon IV. I’ve been meaning to watch Dallos now that I’ve learned to appreciate Oshii more after having watched Patlabor. Biblical passages and languid/cooky atmospheres are too good.

    @Mary-San: Nice to meet you too you pothead.

    • Yeah, 1983 was pretty much a good solid year for animation in Japan, and you can tell the that the momentum is building up as we’re inching closer to the huge megahits of the decade. The 90’s was pretty dynamic in terms of the stories that came out, but the 80’s was a big ‘ol playground where a lot of people got their start or founded the beloved tropes of our favorite genres.

    • “…Nice to meet you too you pothead.”
      I laughed at this way more than I should’ve. :p