1986 – A Year of Anime in Review


Back from a one day delay (Super Bowl + hangover = not time for anime), let me, resident writer 10bit, take you on another magical journey of nostalgia and seemingly higher quality anime. It’s 1986 and the party just started.


It’s time for another A Year of Anime in Review, which means it’s time to get your fill of the classics, take some recommendations, and complain that the poor animation quality of your most favorite anime was because it was released by opt in mail order VHS, so the story is all that matters because it’s good. It also means that I’m not gonna dodge the mecha bullets this time anymore, because some real solid stuff came out in ’86. We’re talking dolomite solid.

the loaf... has risen

This is the same blank stare and smile that resident writer Don Don Kun gives me every day. Denser than dolomite indeed.

I’ll take this time to pay my respects to Yurinakamura-chan, all this mecha is going to hurt your poor, poor, girlish sensitive souls.  Apologies in advance. Alright, lets kick this editorial into gear!

THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ – Wait, This Was an Anime?

Almost as good as the Noozles. Keyword: Almost.

Almost as good as the Noozles. Keyword: Almost.

Yes, yes it is. A Successful anime as well, it’s mostly regarded warmly in the fading long-term memories of all kinds of domestic and international kids that have long since grown older. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has been ported to more languages that you’d think, but less than resident writer Don Don Kun would like. As they say in his native tongue: Une seule langue n’est jamais suffisante.

As I figure it, most of the reason why I spotlight anime like Noozles or The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is because we get a lot sporadic international viewing, so I’d thought I’d toss a bone to the worldwide anime fans who’s exposure most likely stems from one of these kid shows. Otherwise, if you’re indeed curious to figure out how Oz is when it’s animated by the Japanese, go ahead, you’ll love it. However like any good animated children’s cartoon shows, it’s long and it’s dated. That doesn’t stop people from watching those “masterpiece classics” anime though. Fuck you, Anne of Green Gables, I slept during reading time when your book was picked.

トランスフォーマー ザ・ムービー – 皆は大嫌いです


By Request Only, the finest of Japanese animation available in the year 1986, an anime that can inspire the best music, fans, and succession of Primes. I didn’t know you could just field promote a bot to a Prime just using a power source. It also has been a sieve for the tears of whiners that claim Transformers the Movie isn’t an anime. Well too bad it is.

Compared to the cartoon, Transformers the Movie is on a whole different level, and not just quality wise. When you get Orson Welles to play your big bad, you know you’ve hit the big times. Compounding even further on that, is the addition of Leonard Nimoy, and you’ve got the makings of one fine animated movie. Everything about the movie is top notch, and is rightfully hailed as being amongst the best of the best animations made in the 80’s.

BLUE COMET SPT LAYZNER– The Blue Meteor Never Struck Earth


If you’re a fan of the Super Robot Wars series of games, then you’ve probably heard of Layzner. If not, then you’ll probably skip over this title. As for it being a legacy mecha anime, it’s a must watch for the players of SRW, as it’s always good to get filled in on your classics, so you don’t get exposed as a fraud and look like a chump when you talk about the series in relation to the game. If you’ve played Super Robot Wars J, then you have a basic semblance of the show’s plot.


As far as having a reason beyond watching it just because it’s a “classic”, Layzner was created by Ryōsuke Takahashi of previous post fame such as Fang of the Sun Dougram (I believe he wrote the script), VOTOMS, as well as script writing for Cyborg 009 and the mecha that every elitist anime club on MyAnimeList loves: Muv Luv Alternative Blue Gender. Layzner does not pull its punches, much alike Takahashi’s other works, as the cast are not teens that are granted a chance to pilot a super powered robot to fight aliens. Nah, they are caught in the crossfire of an alien mech battle, after which a pilot that tells them that basically, Earth’s time is up. Did I mention that the 6 kids from their school program that survived the brutal attack are the cast? Yeah, all their friends are dead.

Layzner is another series that shows the US and the Soviet Union gridlocked in a battle for industrial and military might amidst the tension of the Cold War being dragged on a bit longer than we’re used to. Overall, it’s a good time.

MD GEIST – Yup, Seriously


Sure, you could read some trash ANN articles or maybe some lame reviews on MAL, or even some in-depth critical analysis of M.D. Geist from the same website and get incredibly biased views, slants, and the pure nonsense of trying to take a critical analysis on a show about a guy in a powered armor suit punching, stabbing, shooting, et al, to death who floated in space cryogenically frozen because he was too badass to stay unfrozen. You’d think who ever froze would just kill him, considering what he does after being unfrozen: destroying a plane while crash landing from orbit to the planet Jerra, killing a biker gang leader, participating in a brutal war for control of the Jerra, and trying to stop a Death Force doomsday machine that will indiscriminately removed all life on the planet. Most dangerous indeed.

Suffice to say, Geist fails to stop the Death Force, and unholy smiting is taking place by the Death Force’s machines (think Terminator) but that doesn’t stop Geist from taking out the trash one by one. Basically from this point on, the story is pretty much the only reason you’ll be watching, so I’ll stop spoiling it, for now.

VIOLENCE JACK – Post-Apocalyptic Fun Time Playground


Watch it.


Welcome to a new segment where I give johns and excuses for why I didn’t write about a certain anime that year, with handy links for you to check them out. This segment will be phased out after I go back and rewrite a lot of the articles, so let’s get to going! *May or may not be related to my Super Bowl Sunday hangover.

Mobile Suit ZZ – It’s pretty well-known, and I didn’t want to rewatch it because of Puru Puru. I’m dead serious. Colony Drop on Dublin was worth it though, but I still said nope.

Dragonball – Hahahaha.

Pastel Yumi – Sorry Yuri-chan, maybe later. Too many people were in the house to be watching a Studio Pierrot anime. Solid magical girl though, so take a few looks at it.

Saint Seiya – It’s long.

Maison Ikkoku – Maybe next time. Like Angel’s Egg I didn’t want to half ass a post.

Maple Town – 10/10 Top priority for the rewrite.

Megazone 23 – Maybe later, just for the sake of rewatching the Matrix.

And that’s the end of the johns and excuses, I will add them to the backlog and work on them as soon as 1989 post drops.

riho10bit: Exhausted. Pure agony at this point, because if you miss a deadline here at Moe-Alt, you are subjected to a mandated watching of a Precure show. I got Suite Precure this time. Send help. Haha, this post had a lot of reasons why I didn’t want to watch anymore anime, but thank god you’re able to go back and rewrite stuff. Though I’m concerned about advertising the rewrites, I might just make new posts and say, “Hey look, I fixed up the 80’s post!” smack dab in the middle of an episodic or something. Oh well, it was fun.


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2 responses to “1986 – A Year of Anime in Review

  1. Puru Puru doesn’t ruin ZZ for me as much as Chara Soon (what an useless character). I know ZZ has its issues with the first half and the overall tone but the African storyline is amazing. Also, the fact that Judah isn’t Kamille II helps.

    And I liked a lot the first Megazone 23. Then the second one happened and all looked and felt very different and my only reaction then was WHHHAAAAT?

    • No doubt’s about the rest of ZZ, but like you mentioned Judah and Chara don’t help. Especially not this.

      Yeah, that tends to happen with OVA’s.