Merry Valentines Day!

1296973174398Anime picture? Check. Valentine’s Day? Check.

We here at Moe-Alternative would like to take the time to wish you a very happy St. Valentines day! Even if you’ve got nobody today, you’ve still got us.

As for the news bit, the 1988 post is delayed till Sunday, the 16th, nothing major, just some business to take care of. Another brainstorm is in the works for another Runback Recap, and a slight change in format in the really huge posts, like the Wake Up, Girls! post.

As for future articles, stay tuned for another update of the Writing Guide, and possibly another fun editorial on the easily influenced Moe-Alternative crew!

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5 responses to “Merry Valentines Day!

  1. “Merry”? Never heard someone say that until now.

  2. Doesn’t the “merry” make it feel that much more happy?

  3. Yeah but I think that mostly applies to something like “Merry Christmas”.

  4. Not enough lewdness in this Valentine’s Day post. That’s what a true Valentine’s Day is. 😀