Moe-Alternative has Reached 100,000 Views!


At long last, our humble blog, Moe-Alternative has reached 100,000 views! Although small-time compared to the big anime blogs out there, it’s nonetheless a huge achievement for us and we’d like to take a few moments to go through all the obligatory congratulatory mubo-jumbo that nobody likes reading.


DDK’s Nostalgia Corner (feat. Emotional Manipulation by Jun Maeda)

I never would have guessed that I’d be writing a post like this, since a couple of years ago, blogging had only been a fleeting dream to me. I was always fond of writing when it came to essays, but I never really found the drive to apply those skills to a subject that I was truly passionate about. Though I’ve expressed plenty of times my dissatisfaction with the current direction anime is heading in, overall, it’s been a wonderful learning experience for me as an individual. Of course, I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now without the support of my fellow co-bloggers (many of which have moved on to other things), so they honestly deserve the limelight more than anyone.

10bit (“Prinny”, “Purinii”, “Aleksi”) – If you’ve been wondering about the meaning behind the coveted “yaoi” tag on some of our posts, this is about as good of a reason as any. Prinny’s unforeshadowed appearance was seriously the best thing that ever happened to this blog. While I’ve blogged alongside many other people in the past, most of those connections were short-lived due to the mental toll it took. But believe it or not, Prinny has proved time in and time out that he’s got the touch and the power to keep on pushing through those tough times. Considering he survived the “evil of episodics” phase that the blog went through and lived through my slave-driver tendencies, he really deserves a medal for his efforts. Heck, he even bounced back stronger than ever after a sudden hiatus and single-handedly revived the blog at the start of this year. So yeah buddy, you deserve a ham. “ノーガッツノーグロリー!


Ahelo – For helping me get through the horror that was daily J-Saimoe coverage back in 2012. Honestly, deciding to do that was probably the stupidest idea I’ve ever come up with. Fuck Saimoe, fuck shitty tournaments, and fuck Saki. I’m glad that I had someone who I could suffer along with during those dark, depressing three months, trash-talking the terrible organization of the tournament and the numerous voting restrictions. At the very least, all those Saimoe posts really brought in the views – probably from people googling their waifu – but hey, I’ll take it!


Bibimbap – My old high-school buddy who I roped into blogging about Fate/Zero, believe it or not, you were a much better writer than you ever gave yourself credit for. Although short-lived, you really brought in a level of analysis that got our readers involved. I wish you all the best!


Cyrus (“IllegalCyrus”, “Crus”, “Cryus”, “Curtis”)  – Though your name will always be eternally misspelled, you deserve a special mention for recently getting your feet wet and writing about Yamakan’s masterpiece, Wake Up, Girls! Likewise, thanks for just being there and supporting the rest of the team with your humour and pictures of random kids that you take in class.


Hss – I keep forgetting you’re also a member of this team. I don’t really know why, considering you’re almost always active on IRC. It could be that your posting speed single-handedly invented an alternate reading for the term “glacial drift”, but I can’t quite put my finger on that just yet.

Jokes aside, thanks for always being there and supporting Prinny and I with your sly remarks and general animosity of that thing we like to call the human race. You’re the best form of moral support that we could have asked for.

Heck, who knows, maybe one day our grandchildren will see one of your posts.

Hss watching his weekly mecha and toku programming

Hss watching his weekly mecha and toku programming

LK1721 – I still never found out what your screen name stood for, but nevertheless, thanks for being Moe-Alternative’s sole female writer (though there’s rumours of one of our former bloggers wanting to undergo a sex change) for a number of months! I’ll never forget your snarky comments about Sankarea as you pulled your hair out trying to come up with ways to make your write-ups entertaining. Kudos to you miss, and all the best!


McNagah (“Nuggy”) – While your disappearances were more mysterious than any of Tuxedo Mask’s appearances, you definitely made blogging fun during your stay. Although we went through some tough times, I hope that your experiences with Moe-Alternative have made you a better writer with whatever you decide to do.

Just remember to lay off the soy-sauce.


Stellio – Dude, seriously, Sakura Trick did not single-handedly pioneer shoujo-ai! But thanks for always arguing with Dolphy and getting completely off-topic – if you two ever get married, I’ll gladly pay for the wedding. Hope to see you back in a couple of months when school isn’t completely consuming your life!


Sunnie (“Chiisu”) – Last but not least, my old pal from when I used to swim back in high school, thanks for creating the blog and awakening my passion for writing once again. Assuming my memory is to be trusted; I’ll never forget the conversation we had while we were running away from the police after robbing that old man’s convenience store:

“Yo, you wanna blog with me?”


A very deep and thorough discourse, like the gentlemen we are. Good times, good times. Keep enjoying your shitty arthouse films (that I also really love) and maintaining our official sister site!

Also, thanks for not returning my copy of Shadow of the Colossus and then moving away to another province.


Google (“Google-tan”) – Apparently, you’re responsible for close to half of our views. So yeah, thanks for redirecting people who were most likely searching up hentai, rape and Devil Survivor 2 yaoi to our completely work-safe site. I’m sure Prinny also warmly welcomes his closet fujoshi following that is eagerly awaiting more Hibiki x Yamato pics.

And of course, all our followers, readers and friends. Now doesn’t all this sentimentalism make you want to throw up?


10BIT’S Sentimental Roundup

We’ve been through this rodeo before with the 80’s posts, but reaching this kind of milestone is really special. My time here at Moe-Alternative has been short, but productive and fun.

To be honest, where would I be without:

donnyDon Don Kun aka “Donny”.

I don’t think it’s possible to ever be mad at Donny or find any real reason to not like him. He’s the paragon of what it means to be a friend: a real human bean. I really owe him a lot for giving me a chance to write about anime and let me produce content for the blog. Here’s to 1 million, Donny!


Thanks for always pushing out speedy, top quality posts buddy. You were a great help on the push to 100k.

ss (2014-02-11 at 04.31.12)Cyris aka “Cyrus”

Even though you’re just starting out, you’ve got a lot of potential in you as a writer. If only you’d just buckle down, get some work done and build a portfolio, I’d have no trouble believing that you could be the best anime pro out there. Keep up the good work buddy, Donny sure needs it.

As for my former co-writers McNagah and Stellio-chan, rip little buddies.

I absolutely have to thank all my great personal friends Yuri-Chan, Nitro “Philly Cheese Houki” Xide, Xlore, Neil, and Luna. Without them, I would’ve never had the motivation to keep writing as long as I have. 3 years in the making, what a great friendship. I also want to thank Jura and Geha for all the feedback. Gonzo and Nil, keep blogging.

And of course, you the reader.

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5 responses to “Moe-Alternative has Reached 100,000 Views!

  1. They were all me.

    “fuck Saki”

    Fuck you!

    “if you two ever get married, I’ll gladly pay for the wedding.”

    I’m down. Does it include a complimentary Dark Souls II?

    Oh, and cool blog, I guess. M-maybe I’ll keep reading.


  2. Congrats! At least you know who your readers are now. Just gotta keep writing about “rape”, “tentacle”, and “Devil Survivor 2 yaoi” and you’ll hit 200k in no time.

  3. Miya-Miya best girl.

  4. Congrats man, I’d hate to see this blog go away. At least you both have a schedule you can work on more than last year. 🙂