Current State of Moe-Alternative


In rather unfortunate news, we will be unable to bring you the Best of 2013 Awards post due to a recent lack of free time.

We here at Moe-Alternative strive to bring you top quality entertainment and insight, however recently life has put a larger strain on all of the writers.

Coverage of the spring season has been replaced by resident writer Hss, and will be providing long play coverage of one of the Neptunia games on the PS3. Donny, having found a job has decided to make the respectable decision to stop blogging and focus on his future career of working at Pizza Hut. Congratulation on the promotion to Team Manager! As for me, I will be covering many of the Korean Manwha I never got a chance to write about.

While change is coming to  Moe-Alternative, you can bet that we’ll at least try to remain the same. And remember….


Merry April Fools!

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3 responses to “Current State of Moe-Alternative

  1. OK . you got me

  2. Well, I hope that means there will be a best of 2013 post coming up (unless there already is one, in which case you may slap me).

    • There is, don’t worry. Whether or not I get it completed this weekend is another matter.

      Also, for the record, I don’t actually work at Pizza Hut, in case anyone was wondering.