Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei First Impressions – Implied Incest is Still Legal In Post-WWIII Japan


After a little research, I now realize why people kept correlating Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, a Sci-Fi show more focused on the supernatural, with a highly esteemed show called OreImo (“My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute”).

First of all, the main protagonist dude named Tatsuya and his sister Miyuki have the same voice actors(resses) as two of the main characters in OreImo. And despite not having watched one minute of OreImo, I can tell from this, that something is up. Well, without much efforts, the so-called “subtle,” “implied” incest manifested itself within a few minutes of air time.


Ooh Oni-Sama, Touch Me More!

I really dunno if this is a scam or not but.. uh, it’s really distracting! Like, am I supposed to take the supposedly imposing family issues and drama seriously whenever they hug, snuggle, sniff each other, and… ugh, why is Japan so weird. Or moreover, why do they try so hard to even pander; I’m sure people are satisfied with some touching but noooo.


There’s a room right behind you guys… Now pls get off my screen

The only remotely interesting thing was the WWIII conflict (so, the backdrop) which occurred due to the lack of natural resources, and, well, they spend a few good minutes in the beginning explaining the atrophic conditions of the status quo while showing some cool action sequences. Hopefully there’s more of those to come, and less of THOSE TWO. UGH, I don’t get paid enough to write about this incestual fetishistic thing of Japan’s.


So yeah, I really only picked this up due to its hype, but surely there’s some substance to come with there being 24 episodes of elaborate development of the futuristic setting and phantasmagoric occurrences… wait, this sure sounds familiar. Oh yeah, apparently a few have hypothesized that this’ll become the new SAO, and, well, I’ll just say that I won’t be satisfied with the Miyuki chick having such indelicate Suguhas.


He certainly doesn’t look amused either

Jokes aside, this is one of those shows that you know isn’t really gonna be that good besides the usual shounen shenanigans, but that you know you’ll likely follow because it’s easy to ingest and interesting to see a popular reaction to. In other words, row row fight the powa, and if you can’t fight the powa then join them. But all things considered, I hope that the weaknesses of the first episode (AHEM the two “main characters”) go get a room and never come back, so that better characters take their place will improve upon themselves, and that the whole magic thing gets a better exposition, while entertaining interesting elements that won’t be as lackluster as those of a generic shounen show.


Also, best girl.


That lush, red hair

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