Gokukoku no Brynhildr First Impressions – Elfen Lied 2.0


Cute Girls + Sexy Outfits + Violence + A Supernatural Backdrop + Harem = The Five Okamoto Lynn Principles.

Hey guys, so apparently I’m dead! Therefore, to ensure that DDK doesn’t give me another spanking kick things off again, I’ll deliver my seasonal dish of spicy food as to resurrect myself from the prison known as the Cretan labyrinth (aka DDK’s house). I don’t know, it’s been an awfully long time, but I’ll try to elucidate the struggles of an anime enthusiast again. To inspire, to strive, and to save my arse promote the alternative to moe.

Anyway, if you came for the cute girls, Gokukou no Brynhildr has plenty. If you came for the sexy outfits, well, despite there being a lack of outfits at times, there still are plenty to go around. However, as for the violence, supernatural backdrop, and the harem, you may still have to seat yourself down before anything really happens.


It seems as if Gokukou no Brynhildr is taking a route similar to that of Elfen Lied’s adaptation: a mysterious opening, a clueless protagonist, characters with a troubled past, and, well, nonsensically, in the midst of all this, a strongly demanded and needed school setting! How long we, the great anime enthusiasts, have begged for more anime taking place in schools when there really is no necessity for it; the arbitrary decision just gives me a tingly feeling inside.


waifu material

However, to be quite frank, speculations of Gokukou no Brynhildr taking a route similar to that of Elfen Lied is nothing but word of mouth. I’ve read very explicit scholarly sources (*ahem*Avid MAL Forum Posters) that have stated that the manga, and thereby the anime, will follow the previous cycle of Elfen Lied’s pitfall: that is, to build a superficially connected relationship between the love interests, then dive deep into a drama abound with shock-factor. Now, I haven’t watched Elfen Lied for a while, and the above is all a summation of what I’ve read, but I would, from my memories, agree to certain extents the possibilities of these faults occurring in Gokukou no Brynhildr.

For Instance:


Censorship provided by Donny-kun

The cute girls. Really, the main female character is named Kuroha Neko, and it just so happens that our main male protagonist’s childhood friend is named KuroNeko. Gee, I wonder, despite her not having the birthmarks that he remembers to be located under his childhood friend’s armpits, where this will end up going. It’s not like she’ll be connected to his past or anything. Preposterous! Simply inconceivable. Oh, apparently she is also mentally… deprived, has little personality, and boasts a cute face, so one should expect great character development via non-histrionic, totally not overblown events. No way.


No worries, Captain America too

If there should be anything I remember from Elfen Lied, it is that the established traumatic experiences were simply explicated upon flimsily and not given enough treatment. Trauma after trauma, the list of unfortunate, uneventful things eventually gave way to a cluster of unsolved tangles. And what’s the resolve? A simple, and literally bloody mess. At the beginning and towards the end, I believe. And, well, that certainly doesn’t smell gimmicky to me.


She’s insane… but all so very cute!

However, I think Gokukou no Brynhildr also deserves it own merits. It had its moments of suspense that did not rely upon the superficiality which the gory parts of Elfen Lied had exploited. (It also has very little gore in general thus far) The main romance, though still fairly one-dimensional due to the paper-thin characterizations, sparks a better vibe than the unbearably convoluted one in Elfen Lied. And yeah, you read the catch, that it may or may not turn into a harem. But who knows. The title also bears a possible,  interesting allusion to a valkyrie in Germanic mythology, and this could make the show multifaceted on a more intellectual level. But then again, who knows? Not me.


Big time Pimpin’

Maybe I should read the manga, since this’ll probably end up like my Berserk and Nisekoi endeavors anyway (in both cases I read the manga immediately after an increasing interest in the anime). And the anime will probably cut off before anything important happens, so yeah, wow I just spent some many words on an adaptation that’ll probably falter. I wouldn’t say not to try this, since, if you’re into Sci-Fi or even a story that’s just enticing on a surface level, this’ll probably suffice. But be warned that many of the pitfalls, considering its precedent and similarities with its precedent, will likely exacerbate and take shape in a demonic form.

Just like a yandere, you never know what’s underneath. If you value your life, either make a run for it, or stay to possibly receive a light pat on the head.


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2 responses to “Gokukoku no Brynhildr First Impressions – Elfen Lied 2.0

  1. cute girls cute girls romance romance ! what’s going on with these people 🙁 why they don’t want to use a serius story?

    • That’s not to say that a serious story can’t be without cute girls and romance, but yes, I agree: the story is all over the place with this one. And with such serious topics at hand (experimental issues, drugs, ethics, extraterrestrial’s, etc.), it seems all the director cares about are cute swim suits and Kuroha.

      Well, I won’t spoil anything, but having read the manga to chapter 55, the plot looks like it’ll continue with it being somewhat more character focused. So… yeah, all that interesting alien technology story will be written off as another facile exposition rather than something that’s really refreshing for once :/