Soul Eater Not! First Impressions – This is Not! a Lost Cause Yet!

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Soul Eater Not! is a spin off of the anime/manga Soul Eater. Featuring a new cast of characters going before and around the time the latter show takes place.

Now I have special place in my heart for Soul Eater since that was the first anime. So I do have some hope for this being good if they maintain the comedy styling of the previous show. So I have some sort of expectations for it.

The episode is simply just to introduce us to our main characters and set up some simple issues that they have to overcome. Very standard for a first episode, only real big thing is that we see the old characters from Soul Eater to give you sort of a “we are still here” thing. It was quite nostalgic remembering the characters of old. Very basic stuff, but there were certain things that stood out to me.

Soul Eater Not!

Americans confirmed for being weirdos yet again

It feels completely different to the original Soul Eater. Having more of a SoL feel and featuring an all girl cast. DWMA has the look of a very high class school. Which helps create the tone of high school life which seems to be the the focus. The character designs for the new girls are alright, the old characters look completely different and for the worse. Losing a sense of uniqueness with how they looked in the original anime. For example, Black Star looks like he is way too muscular.


Me upon Maka and Soul in a new design

The girls themselves aren’t really that bad. Tsugumi, who is our main character is quite average and seems like the one that will probably show different sides of personality that just having one character trait. Like with Meme who’s is basically a klutz at this point. Anya on the other hand I have no idea how her character will play out. So let’s just see where it goes with her. We also have set up for certain characters being villains like those weird guys with the headknife.



However, what really surprised me is how different it feels compared to Soul Eater. It has a more high-school feeling to the show’s atmosphere. At least with the first episode, it seems like the focus is going to be more about the girls and their lives. They manage to keep the comedy of the previous show but are able to introduce a more relaxed feeling which is done decently.

The main girls are simple and are introduced quite normally with standard personalities. At least all of them are easy to be distinguished. They are all decent enough and none of them strike me as bad. Well it is only the first episode and the writing can make a turn for the worse and suddenly they are all horrible. While they do throw in some of the old characters, they really don’t overtake the original focus outside of Maka being the inspiration for our main heroine.

The best way to describe this first episode would be decent. Nothing really made it stand out as great, but nothing really was bad about it outside of artistic designs and the potentital for this to turn into just another generic moeblob show with one special thing about it. At this point it can go either way in terms of quality. Hopefully by the end of this series I will be chanting YES! YES! YES!

Hopefully everyone after this.

Hopefully everyone after this.

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6 responses to “Soul Eater Not! First Impressions – This is Not! a Lost Cause Yet!

  1. Welcome to the team buddy!

  2. 😐 if i had to choose between Captain earth and Soul Eater Not! ( studio Bones’ April animes) i would choose Captain earth . anyway , I have enough time to watch them all 😀 ha ha ha. I was wondering why they changed the director ? it would be better if they could use Takuya Igarashi .
    …. hey wait a minute! why you didn’t have any post abou Dai-Shogun – Great Revolution??? Great Dai Sato’s new project.
    (sorry for my bad english I’m persian .As an Otaku i can speak japanese better than english 😀 😀 )

    • Sorry for the late reply, we were busy for the past few days.

      Funny you mentioned Captain Earth since we just turned out a post on that. Igarashi is a pretty cool director and he’s worked on some great stuff like Sailor Moon and Ojamajo Doremi, so I’m glad he’s also involved with Captain Earth.

      I’m not sure if any of us checked out Dai-Shogun. This is basically the end of our First Impressions and we’ll be moving back to editorial content, but who knows, Mecha-Alternative might do a write-up about it later.

      No worries about your English. I’m sure it’s way better than my Japanese, haha.

  3. I’m weirdly a fan of the series too (maybe I just like the art), and I wish they did a new season instead of this spinoff thing. Then again, hopefully the spinoff garners enough sales to prompt it. Did you read the Soul Eater manga by the way?

    Oh, and looks like the wonky CG of DWMA is still here.

    • The series is extremely fun and had a great art style. But if people were interested in just a spin-off. A second season could be great to see. But I tried reading it and felt weird to see the art be so unpolished. I should read it some time.

      The sun and the CG of DMWA have to stay the same forever this is a written rule.