Masserati’s Fabulously Exciting Entrance


Why hello there, Masserati’s the name and I’m pretty happy to be able to write for this blog. I’ve been wanting to write in a blog format for quite some time after becoming frustrated with how MAL does things, but I’ve never had the time to properly go about setting up my own. Needless to say, I was more than willing to accept an offer to write for a blog that I find to be as entertaining as this one. 

My experiences with anime go back to my time growing up watching shows such as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon and the like. I was always kind of aware that anime existed, having seen advertisements for things such as Kino’s Journey, Angelic Layer and my dad owning VHS copies of Shadow Skill, Black Jack and the Macross Plus movie (although I’ve only ever partially watched one of them). If anything, I would consider Naruto and the 2003 series of Fullmetal Alchemist to be my gateway shows, the latter especially as it helped to define my tastes in the medium for quite some time. 

I’m a rather big fan of sports anime and manga, and would probably consider it to be my favourite genre of the medium in spite of my rather limited interest in sports in real life. There’s just something incredibly entertaining about watching hot-blooded characters battle it out with each other in a contest of sports skills that I can’t seem to get elsewhere. I also happen to be an unashamed card game fanatic, my interest in them is almost unhealthy. 

I’m also a long time video game fan, having had plenty of experience with the medium growing up. I lean more towards JRPGs and Platformers with regards to that medium, although I’m more than willing to explore different genres provided that I can get some form of enjoyment out of them. More recently, films, literature and visual novels have also become things that I want to explore and try to get into even though I’m still wondering where it is I should start with them.

Either way, hopefully I’ll be able to contribute something here!

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2 responses to “Masserati’s Fabulously Exciting Entrance

  1. I-I’ll at least welcome you! Since no one else seems to care. 🙁

  2. welcome, namaste, and ganbare