Hakaijuu – First Impressions and Translation Update!


Hakaiju is interesting manga that I picked up yesterday focusing on a weird fusion of horror, suspense, mystery, and kaiju.

The best part?

The combination works, or at least I think so. The pages are wide shot heavy and showcase the impressive artwork of Shingo Honda showing off all the carnage and destruction, with a fair amount of gore (beware those with weak constitutions and a distaste for blood!) mixed in. The creatures are very grotesque and awesome looking, and hunt down mankind with impunity using their almost machine-like predatory skills. It’s rather unnerving reading the survivor protagonists huffing and puffing down pulverized Tokyo streets, only to be cut off what would be best described as an “Eldritch Abomination“.

All in all, I really like the manga. Big thanks to Hss for informing me of this manga, I was completely unaware of it before he asked me for some help working on it.

So much so, that I’ve begun a project with some friends to translate it to English and share more of this great manga with others, like you the reader! As of now, we’ve completed the translated script for chapter 7 so far, and sent it off to be edited, then released to the semi-public. Unfortunately, I won’t be directly linking the chapters here on Moe-Alt, though I’m sure they’ll make it to online readers and private sharing soon enough afterwards.

I will continue to post updates on the progress on the translation here, mostly because Twitter has a text limit, and I’d like to get into the details of the translation and editing process. A little bit of transparency never hurt!

I’d prefer if most questions were asked on my Twitter account, though here is fine if you have quite a bit of text to dump. I’ll try to be timely in my replies, though keep in mind it is a purely voluntary effort on my part, as well as my friends.

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3 responses to “Hakaijuu – First Impressions and Translation Update!

  1. I’ve been spoiled to some of the later stuff, so can’t wait to see your reaction to them.

    Wow, not even a mention. ;_;

  2. I’ll wait for the links 🙂 🙂