Hakaiju – Chapter 7 Completed!


Yesterday, the completed translation of Chapter 7 was put up on Batoto and a few other sites I’m sure, and it feels great.

The pacing of the story is intense and lives up to the expectations of the suspense genre with ease. Especially with all the multiple-story tall genocidal monsters hunting you down like it’s going out of fashion.

I can appreciate the dialogue being abrupt, concise, and occasionally cut off; it gives the manga a cinematic feel, like each page is a frame in a very slow movie. Each two page shot is a wonderfully drawn visage of despair and destruction of the city as the kaiju rampage. Very brutal story, you can be fully sure that the side characters will all die in a horrific gory death fitting of the art style. It’s great stuff.

Being part of the translation is a blast, being able to read it alongside getting it put out for you, the reader, to also enjoy it is a wonderful thing. I’d think that if you had the faculties to do what I’ve done, then you should just do it. Especially if you really like a manga and want to share it with others.

I mentioned before in my previous article that I didn’t even know of the story before being asked to help with the project, and I’ve really grown to enjoy Hakaiju.

Selfless? Not really.

It’s good manga, I swear.

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8 responses to “Hakaiju – Chapter 7 Completed!

  1. http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=52257
    user ratings make me a little worry. you know . is that a really good manga? story and art?

    • It’s pretty top notch. Style is very similar to Gantz, the art is clean, and all the monsters look sufficiently alien. I imagine it’s because it’s a bit gory, and that most of the story has been left untranslated or uncompleted up to a point. Considering it got 13 volumes and has a sequel on the way, it’s pretty good, no?

  2. yeah. you are right. it’s an amazing manga.

  3. Thanks for the contribution! I have been waiting for chapter 7 translation for a year. Great work!

    • Thanks! I’ve finished up the script for Chapter 8, so after all the images are edited, it should be up soon.

  4. Hi, ive finding some grups that are willing to translate this manga, and with no luck i could no find anyone willing to translate… but thanks for picking this up…. may i know where do i donate ?

    • No need to donate, I’m doing this all for free and on my own time. I’m glad that you appreciate the effort though!

  5. Thank You for your hard work 😀