Copy Kitty – First Impressions

Do you hate your GPU? Do you like laser kitten girls? Then I've got a game for you!

Do you hate your GPU? Do you like laser kitten girls? Then I’ve got a game for you!


Now this might come as a surprise to some of you, the readers, that Moe-Alt is doing a rather shameless plug of a video game; when the norm is to write about anime or other such topical industry and community interests.

Some time ago in the dusty secret IRC channel, Donny and I colluded to bring Moe-Alt into the multimedia fray.

They don’t call him Don “Gawker” Don Kun for nothing you know.

As a result of that, we decided that if we wanted to, we could write about games and other such Japanese interests. In the good spirit of Moe-Alt though, we’ve been too lazy to actually do so.

The reason I’m actually writing this article is to give a shout out to the aspiring game developers over at the Entama Project, they came into my stream on hitbox and watched one of my friends play through the free demo. It was a pretty good time, and I intended to repay their kindness.

With all that out-of-the-way, I present to you: Copy Kitty!

The existential question of life: Am I living or am I catgirl that can shoot lasers out of my hands?

The existential question of life: Am I living or am I catgirl that can shoot lasers out of my hands?

It looks like an Indie game, but plays like a sandwich!

Let’s get onto the game part of this game. It’s a rather interesting side/vertical scrolling shooter that packages intense high-speed action, a soundtrack, and eye-bleeding “Geometry Wars” visual effects, all while controlling (quite literally) a catgirl who can shoot lasers. The controls are quite simple, and instructions were clear enough:

“Press A or B key to shoot qigong or the assault of kick and beat.”

I kid, I kid. It’s a rather well made game  (however much it is intolerant of streaming software) and it’s got a lot of heart. I really like that about Copy Kitty. It’s not about big bucks or having IGN coverage and what not, it’s about making a game that’s fun and sharing it with your friends.

It’s one of the few reasons I still write here, I really enjoy making content for just my friends, and of course, you the reader.

Copy Kitty is a game that is very hard to explain, yet very fun to play. While on stream I vented some of my curiosities and complaints; mostly about how difficult I could try to get the game to be. The developers are fully aware of the difficulty of some parts of the game, and they pull their punches.

I don’t play that though, it’s gotta be frustrating. For a game to entertain me, it has to force me to get good at its systems, and subsequently reward me. This difficulty/player reward relationship is hard to pull off, as jacking up the difficulty by adjusting a few number isn’t the way to go, and suffers from diminishing returns of player satisfaction.

One example of it done right is the PS2 game, God Hand.

Another thing that got to me was how many times you stopped, as in stopped moving to navigate and such. I really liked Hotline Miami, in some ways it’s my favorite video game. It’s all pretty much do to the adrenaline inducing, high-speed gameplay that can be very fluid or very slow depending on how you play. I’m a speed demon, and I don’t like stopping. That’s just me though, and that’s my suggestion.

Through skill I’m sure you could be fast, but I didn’t get that from some of the boss fights and vertical stages.

In short, I gotta feel like I’m accomplishing something.

The Developers are all pretty wonderful people, and shout-outs to their IRC crew that stopped by to watch us complain about the game. So check it out, give their demo a try, and have fun!

7/10 Funbux – Needs a mode where you can’t see anything and rely on your bullets to light up the stage and or friendly fire mode.


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