Anime Studies Online is a recently assembled website with a focus on the collaborative nature of academic journals – except with anime. A far more professional attempt at coverage of anime as the sum of its parts rather than a homogenous and general summary. Despite their provocative domain name, their intent is clear and concise.

The project self-described itself as:

A new project to consolidate excellent discourse, foster collaboration, and advance knowledge in the areas of anime, manga, and other forms of 2D Japanese media.

Of course, the question in the minds of those that are not intimate with the details of the anime scene is a very simple one; what is anime?

The site claims to be willing to support, explain, and offer in-depth analysis of the subculture following that is aniblogging and the anime scene at large. Quite frankly, it can; the model the site wants to use is conducive to a successful collaboration, and resistant to being co-opted  That means that the foundation, like it’s ideals are and need to be strong – instead of asking long-winded members of academia, or so-called “professionals“, Anime Studies Online seeks to get its content from the enthusiasts, the passionate, the critics, and the layman.

As gaming journalists in the past few weeks have so painfully learned is that there is no one more qualified to speak about a hobby than the enthusiasts. They consume the product, and support it; much like the share scene of the early 90’s and the word of mouth campaigns that supported Japanimation in the US and across the globe.

Many anime blogs fail from a lack of contribution, too niche a subject, and a lack of exposure. I’ve touched base on this before on the writers guides I’ve posted in the past, but Anime Studies Online seems to the place to go if you’re an aspiring anime blogger/critic/enthusiast with a passion to write and share your ideas on a structured community platform.

A far cry from the chaotic nature of imageboards and forums, a place where content is published without bias.

I’ve written this article in support of this cause, and in full disclosure, say that the project is founded by some close friends of mine, and I wish them all the luck in the world. You can visit their site via the link below.

Anime Studies Online

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