Hakaiju Chapter 8 released!


Another concerted effort by yours truly, resident writer Hss, Sage01, and Xlore.

It took a little while, but hey, that’s life right? Anyway, I really like the manga (even though I’ve read ahead a bit!) and the direction it’s going, especially the stylistic choice of introducing more human drama.

With these kinds of manga/stories you can’t really ease up the tension at all, unless you’re luring the reader into a false sense of security. Usually this is achieved by throwing more and more conflict at the protagonists, reinforcing how hopeless their situation is/can be, but from time to time writers like to add the breaking point for their characters.

Not all people in the bug/alien infested future would be able to keep their marbles intact when they’re being attacked and eaten. Especially if you’re a repeat survivor, because that’s when things get dark.

Some people might not like the “guy snaps and attacks survivors”, but it adds a human element that shows that not even around your own kind are you safe from horror. We’ll see as the story goes on, I have high hopes.

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P.S. You can find it at the usually place, or a local scanlation uploader near you!

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