It’s Easier Than You’d Think.


I love blogging, and I love certain things that happen to be Japanese; so it would make sense that I write here at the lovely 燃えAlternative right? In this article, I will talk about the pursuit of learning the foreign language that is Japanese from my own experiences a bit.

It’s becoming more and more prevalent that there are more and more non-traditional learning students (self-taught, non-college courses) in the West. Even though official support from the Japanese industries themselves have been providing JP dub/ENG subs and numerous initiatives acting as legal middlemen, many Japanese mediums are overlooked or censored to high heaven for their content. That’s not something the hardcore otaku or enthusiasts want, as it’s been evidenced by consumer reaction to Nippon Ichi Software of America’s decision to censor some of the games they publish for US/EU releases.

The end result of wanting to bypass censorship or not wait for releases?

Learn the language yourself!

Nothing separate Mary-san from her beloved hamburgers.

Nothing separate Mary-san from her beloved hamburgers.

Like when I decided to try my hand at translating the Hakaiju manga, I did for my peers since I know a bit of the language (it’s just furigana, not that tough) myself! I’m self-taught which consisted of reinforcement from anime, manga, and comics over a couple of decades really, so it was a bit easier for me to get into Japanese.

Despite how it looks, learning and writing Japanese is only as intimidating as you want it to be, and most of the learning process is pretty low-level and easy.

To be honest, if you’re completely green to Japanese, just watch namasensei’s videos on Youtube. It’s rough learning, but it’s a good way to break the ice and begin learning the language, because only a fool uses only one resource when learning Japanese.

Generally it starts as ひらがな ー カタカナ ー 漢字 (hiragana – katakana – kanji) and you’re in. Most other textbooks will teach you sentence structure, verbs, adjectives, tense, etc. It’s all about reinforced learning and applied knowledge, to which I’ve been translating a manga to keep me sharp.

So buckle up, and you can be just like me!

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3 responses to “It’s Easier Than You’d Think.

  1. Yup, you’re so right in saying that it’s only as hard as you make it. Hiragana itself can be learned over a week or two, and after that you just have to keep to your schedule while learning grammar and kanji.

    It also really helps to speak to Japanese people and not care about whether or not you sound like a fool 😛

    • Breaking down the language barrier, for me, has been a lot easier than I had been stressing about prior to my studies. Like you say, not worrying about being a baka gaijin gives you that extra boost to keep your studies going.

      Especially with kanji, if you’re just learning the readings, that’s a whole other world of relief compared to enunciation, pronunciation, hand writing kanji (whoo boy) and so on… It’s a matter of diligence and perseverance, traits I’ve been led to believe apply to all language studies really.

      On a side note, I just got a notification of a pingback, a reply to this article, claiming that Japanese is a lot harder to learn than you’d think, so I was thinking of renaming the article “It’s Easier Than You’d Think, For Me”…

      …Not really though, hah. Learning Furigana/kana in general isn’t that tough, and Kanji, again is a period of study. A long time of study, really.

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