Eromanga-Sensei – Thoughts/Future Episodic Posts

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Eromanga-Sensei (エロマンガ先生), is the hot “new sibling romantic comedy” broadcasting near you so very, very soon!

It has been trying times for the Moe-Alternative team; Over half of the Moe-Alt team have died to the vocal parasites infection, with the root cause being the Kikongo language. Rest in peace those dear, dear staffers and interns.

Jokes aside, I persevere ever as much as the world needs my input on such trivial things as siscon anime and such, striving to bring you great people all the great opinions we’re known for. In my time toiling in the salt mine that is real life and a horrible MMO addiction to FFXIV, I’ve been plumbing the depths of anime seeking the most fitting time to actually make a comeback (it’s true, no lie this time!); almost returning just to talk about that one anime where the girls bump butts in a pool or something like that.

A tangible number of episodes has yet to be officially announced, but I will assume for now that it will be a 1 cour season for a continued trend of adapted series following a trendy pattern. I will be doing write ups for the series as the episodes come out, so please look forward to that.

If any remaining Moe-Alt readers, or just those from google search are still around, please feel free to suggest any other series to cover episodical posts with me; either in the comment section or our updated contact email!

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