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Eromanga-Sensei is the self-described “new sibling romantic comedy” of 2017. That or I’m being lied to by ANN.

It’s here folks, the anime that resurrected me from my coma, just espouse the brilliance and creativity of a show that features linger shots of a prepubescent butt and a plot that gives Coriolanus a run for its money.

How can I hate that which I which I love?!?!?!

Eromanga-Sensei is more aptly described as the trials and tribulations of a devoted older brother taking care of his severely autistic younger sister who has confined herself to her room after the traumatic experience of her mother passing away. The dynamic between Sagiri (the titular character, under a pen name obviously) and Masamune is really nothing new, but the fresh take on the double trouble combo is that Sagiri, the younger sister provides ecchi art for her older brother’s Light Novel series. However, the twist is that neither of them are aware of their partnership, as Sagiri is a hikkikomori; Masamune is too busy writing and taking care of his dear sister.

In episode one, surely to expedite the plot, Masamune discovers that his artist is actually his reclusive younger sister he rarely ever sees because she begins to livestream her artistic process on what appears to be niconico.

How did the crack detective Masamune Izumi discover such trickery, such subterfuge, and unravel the mystery surrounding his mysterious hentai senpai?

Food. The answer is always food.

See, the show Eromanga-Sensei really loves food; with an equal amount of love towards Light Novels and the process that is involved in making them. I feel as if that Eromanga-Sensei is packed with a few self-inserts of the original author and the processes that they went through making the LN. Though LN have a notorious habit of being kind of outrageous, either in terms of concept or title to which the anime does not fail to live up to.

It’s like I’m watching Darker than Black.

Two full scenes of Masamune Izumi cooking up a wondrous and tasty meal for his sadly deprived sister, subverting communist propaganda into her dish with playfully colored political officer bears making demands of her and demanding proper paperwork. Masamune’s talents are quite the package, a master chef on one hand, a speed writer on the other, all backed up by his uncanny sense of the fiction market that has seen him to prestige for his works, all the young age of middle school adolescence.

Light novels are hardly known for grounded characters in reality, but I suppose it’s just one of those anime that I should just take at face value and stop being such a bitter old moe lover.

In closing, Eromanga-Sensei was definitely quite the watch, and I will continue to review the rest of the episodes as they come out and I can churn out the post. Personally I bust out laughing incredulously at the end of the show when the drama began to pick up, mostly because the ED song is so cheery and happy compared to the somber and bitter atmosphere of the lingering final shots.

I should also take the time to note that music was really nothing special, which is a shame for all those that love to download anime OSTs.

As always, thank you for reading.


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