Eromanga-Sensei – 02+03 [With Additional Commentary]

Eromanga-sensei really is a show that knows how to ramp up the goods.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes even more.

Eromanga-Sensei so far has left an impact on me that has ranged from amused disbelief at the audacity of the show as a whole, unsatisfied me in terms of a jaded veteran of hardcore elitist anime enthusiasts chatroom, and relaxed after realizing what I’m watching and ironically enjoying mainstream anime trash. Soon I will be streaming all my anime on Crunchyroll™, with an affordable $6.95 monthly subscription and a 12 month, 59.95 subscription plan that’s only 17 cents a day! (Conflict of Interest: DDK is a writer for Crunchyroll or something, we haven’t spoken since the last time the site went down)

Though, the only thing I really took issue was a cheap trope that was joked about, the old classic of “If you don’t like me, a female, you must be gay!”, and the way Crunchy actually stepped around calling our dear protagonist a homosexual for not liking this clearly deranged sociopath manipulator. Episode 2 felt like a really brief introduction to the dick loving Megumi Jinno, that honestly really didn’t feel all that funny and instead kind of just setup the usual story hooks and plot continuation that you would expect from a show on its second episode.

It did give me this wonderful screen cap.

Though episode 3, woo boy are we strapped in for a good ass time.

Meet Elf Yamada.

Brash, blonde luscious ring locks, petite stature, and authoritative personality are all staff favorites, and she’s got a penchant for exhibitionism!

Ah, the days of my youth, filled with such mirth and wondrous joy where I spent most of those halcyon days by the stream with all the village girls tending to the meat plants while discussing the hard/soft science fiction nature of the show, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, while Nana played the piano naked… These times so long past, the appear to me as rose-tinted nostalgia offered to me as abruptly terrifying night terrors.

Elf Yamada is a direct competitor to the protagonist and his sister,  and seeks to strip Masamune of his sister’s assistance with the illustration of his obviously inferior Light Novels. To counter act this, he decides to watch a day of work for the elf eared ojou-sama, only to realize that she’s a lazy piece of shit that lives a gilded life that allows her to write at will, and the product of such is blatant pandering that the saturated market desires.  Instead of falling to such lows as petty jealousy or even of his superior’s success, Masamune reveals in another previous scene  that inspiration is a two-way street, and that he quite rather enjoyed Elf Yamada’s works. This little snippet of the show by far is one of the best and most human of all the moments presented to me in the show so far.

Though for the attentive, one not normally exposed to such blunt personalities will notice that none of the people in this show act like normal human beings, but rather suffer from a wide range of mental health issues that manifest as anime personalities. Though luckily this is a work of fiction and has nothing to do with real life in any way, and will most definitely not influence an actual breathing human being. Anime is really enjoyable when you leave real life stuff at the door and not over analyze it like it’s a reflection of your own life or another person’s struggle.

Additional Commentary

Moe-Alternative Headquarters.

Though I have taken this space to protest the rapid politicization of anime communities, which has thoroughly disgusted me in how much political trash, both left and right, clog up my twitter timeline. When I originally forced my way into an anime community on MAL, I went in fresh-faced, completely green and inexperienced. Though my time writing for Moe-Alternative has given me a wealth of experience and countless hours of entertainment. I felt my main priority was to get out of poser land and make a name for myself by having this alternative (heh) opinion that was usually diametrically opposed, and definitely not soft or followed the group think. As more and more time passes, I feel a definite sense of regret that I was not more active during those early years, as the anime community that I was a part of, that I respected, is no longer recognizable from the passage of time. Now, after being gone for so long, I feel as if I have returned to a nightmare, a situation where a lot of the people who I follow on Twitter are streaming out a constant flow of heavily charged political content with very hard views that usually bash down or down right mock the opposing political view.  None of which I am interested in, and now to hold a discussion, I am forced to keep my opinions to myself in many ways outside of obvious shitposting because of how much of a landmine field my follows/followers are.

I am very tired of this situation, but if I leave, there goes what’s left of the little audience and voice I have left, and that deeply troubles me. I love Moe-Alternative, and I love the work that I do here. I absolutely love the thought that I can get my opinion out there, and have people really enjoy my sense of humor and hard work, but facts are facts and Moe-Alt is so far declined I constantly wonder if the site will ever recover. For now though, as long as it lasts, I will continue to hold strong and support this site for a long as I can, though I will not lie about how sad I am that it has gotten to this point. I feel very lost in the shadow of what once was, and now after neglecting it for so long, I have returned to the exact outcome I deserve.

See you when I see you,


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  1. I hope for as long as the site remains active, you still continue to churn out great, and thought provoking articles such as this one. I really enjoy the witty, and interesting commentary. Keep up the great work, Prinny!

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