I asked a friend for a picture of 2b that wasn’t hentai and he failed


NieR:Automata should just be called Automata and has more lines thrown out for fans of Yoko Taro games than a pier on a weekend.

Yoko Taro makes bad games. His entire career sans this latest entry has always delivered sub par games with creative and vicious storylines that tend to challenge the norm by presenting themes that make people uncomfortable. Oh, and the massive spoilers that are unavoidable since they play during the main menu screen your first time through (thanks Nier!).

Drakengard, otherwise known as Drag-on Dragoon, is a really bad game with an interesting story that is better told in a lets play than actually suffering though the game personally, either illegally on an emulator, legally on an emulator, or actually on the Ps2. I would not recommend any of the Drakengard games, and playing the 3rd game without having played the first two. (or just watched/read an LP)

To fully enjoy and understand a lot of what’s going on in NieR:Automata, you need to have some knowledge of the Drakengard series, and played the other bad game Taro made called Nier. Though you don’t need to know much about Nier as much as you do Drakengard, but that’s laden with spoilers and I doubt most of the players of NieR:Automata have even played Nier, so it would be really rude of me to do that.

Nier is the eponymous main character of the game Nier, who is represented in two different forms (Papa Nier in NA/EU, and Brother Nier in JP) but in wholesomely similar story with differences in relation to a number of the characters. The gameplay is a total snore, a chore, and definitely a bore but is saved by the music, thematic elements and character design, just like it’s sequel. What NieR lacks in my opinion in comparison to its predecessor is the excellent chemistry between the main character and their unwilling companion, Grimoire Wiess who provides colorful and insightful dialog to many of the player made choices in the game, from main story line to sidequests. Automata lacked this, and somehow felt a hell of a lot emptier than the barren overgrown landscape of Nier.

NieR:Automata has the good gameplay but really not much else and not much improvement on the excellently scored soundtrack and the talented people that worked on it. It’s a Platinum Studios game, but with Taro at the story helm, and this is where most of his game fall flat.

Taro likes to fill his games with a lot of shock value and a lot of hidden information, which usually necessitates a multitude of playthroughs to unearth the actual true ending, or just more clarification on events in that particular game or other games he’s made. It’s a one and done though, like a magazine to a novel essentially, once you know all the stuff hidden from you and see the full picture, a lot of Taro games are not that fun to play past that.

Drakengard has a lot of time gating and pointless grinding that takes a jab at the musou style games it mocks, and the same is to be said about Nier, which borderline berates the player for doing sidequests that at first amount to trivial chores. This develops the character of Nier, since he’s portrayed as a bitter loner who only cares for his daughter, and then eventually the rest of the dramatis personae. Meanwhile, Automata has a tediously boring Hard mode gated by the RPG nature of the game, even more so than Nier.

Not so much in Automata though, since it narrows the relationships in the game and runs a sub-story that gets more clear through the amount of time put into the game. It also lacks a lot of the hidden shockers that require a bit of lateral thinking, like the half finished coloring books and toys as meaningless loot that drops from the Shades.

At least it has Beepy and Emil though!

It’s been two months, and the player base of Automata is down to 4000 players per day on steam, from an all-time high of 29k or so, with over 500k owners. Steam stats aside, it’s an alright game at best if you like the style of action games made by Platinum, but hey, at least the good artists are doing hentai of the cast, and 2b’s got a big butt. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:

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