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Moe Alternative is an anime blog that started up in December of 2011 by writers Don Don Kun and Sunnie. Initially we created the site because we just wanted a place to write about anime, though as of now our direction has shifted towards editorials ranging from industry trends to fan culture to video games. We’d like our site to be a place where we can post some well-constructed thoughts for a wide audience to read and discuss. Below you can read a bit about each of us and our backgrounds with anime.



Active Writers

Don Don Kun 

Greetings! I go by the name Don Don Kun, DDK for short, or any other popular bastardization of my name such as Dumb Dumb Kun. I started up this blog along with my old pal, Sunnie,  back in December of 2011. I figured that since I enjoy writing and anime that the two would make a good combination. And lo and behold this is probably the worst decision I’ve ever made, but I love it.

I’ve had an interesting experience with anime, to say the least. From my childhood memories of terrible dubs to now wanting to take a more analytical look at the medium, I’ve come a long way. My tastes have also shifted a lot during this time period, with my love for film and theatre influencing my current outlook. Because of the sheer magnitude of uninspired dreck out there, I love a piece that uses the visual aspect of anime to tell a story in a creative and insightful manner, especially when a director’s personal vision and style seamlessly defines his or her work. Aside from that, realistic characterization, solid exposition and good screenplay also lead to a very successful title in my eyes. Even after going through so many titles, I’m more eager than ever to learn about the animated medium, its history and some of the great minds behind it all.

Also, I should probably mention this somewhere, but I absolutely love traditional mahou shoujo titles – especially those targeted at children. Many would find them repetitive, cheesy and predictable, but there’s something to be said about their simplicity, charm and overall absence of terrible tropes that litter the current otaku-infested industry.

You can check out my MAL profile to find out more about me.



Hello, I am the man that goes by many names, but for the sake of simplicity, I go by Prinny here at Moe-Alternative. Also known as 1obit, Purinii. and Arekushii, I used to be an internet vagabond, roaming and writing for and about anything I could. Donny (DDK) gave me a trial basis back in 2013 where I began my illustrious career of writing about anime for his blog. It took off from there, and here we are today: producing and consuming content for you, the reader.

I’m a pretty laid back guy and my writing focus is on being supportive and offering recommendations to those both new and old fans , but anyone here at Moe-Alt can attest to how much fun I make it to write here. It’s been an absolute pleasure ever since, and I would enjoy seeing our humble site getting the exposure to the junior writers we assist and guide through the anime community.

I have no real particular favorite genre or bias, I’ll write and watch just about anything.


Part-Time Writers



Hi Hss here, and let me tell you, I really enjoy mecha anime. I initially found the genre hard to get into until I was introduced to Gundam SEED and Gurren Lagann, which was rather easy after coming from a rich history of top quality “shonen” anime like Naruto and Bleach, and I haven’t looked back since. I can only hope that we can get quality stories such as those in the future, as I look forward to writing about them at the length. MAL profile.



As I type this I wonder how to pull off an introduction. So basically I’m a guy who walked away from anime and failed at writing because of me not being that interested. Now here I am with a kickstarted interest in both of these things. I was first exposed in 2011 watching Soul Eater and it wasn’t till watching Madoka Magica that my interest took off. Now my writing interest has always been out of hatred until recently I realized that writing isn’t that bad and can actually be quite easy at times. Now DDK has given me a chance to write for his blog and I am very grateful.

I have a very unnatural love for professional wrestling. I find to be an amazing form of entertainment, sometimes the theatrics, the moves, and the storytelling in the ring can very much make it into an art form. So expect me to nerd out about it a lot! There is also my love for video games, shitty music, and Sonic the Hedgehog. I’m an easy going person though and am hoping to just bring in different things to the blog. Mostly just improving myself as a writer and helping out the boys here. Here goes nothing, let’s go fast.



Why hello there, Masserati’s the name and I’m pretty happy to be able to write for this blog. I’ve been wanting to write in a blog format for quite some time after becoming frustrated with how MAL does things, but I’ve never had the time to properly go about setting up my own. Needless to say, I was more than willing to accept an offer to write for a blog that I find to be as entertaining as this one.

My experiences with anime go back to my time growing up watching shows such as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon and the like. I was always kind of aware that anime existed, having seen advertisements for things such as Kino’s Journey, Angelic Layer and my dad owning VHS copies of Shadow Skill, Black Jack and the Macross Plus movie (although I’ve only ever partially watched one of them). If anything, I would consider Naruto and the 2003 series of Fullmetal Alchemist to be my gateway shows, the latter especially as it helped to define my tastes in the medium for quite some time.

Either way, hopefully I’ll be able to contribute something here!



You can call me Aki. I’m a 17 year old high school Senior that needs more reasons to write in my life. My interests include watching anime every few years or so, drawing, writing of course, and playing games. Though games can be simplified to Animal Crossing. I have a huge soft spot for Precure, and for most magical girls in general. You can check out my MAL Profile for my other favorites in the genre!

When it comes to writing, I personally feel like I excel at writing more personal narratives and tragedy themed stories. Don’t worry, I won’t be flooding this blog with that kind of stuff. I also excel at writing analysis about things and am in a Film and Fiction class which is helping me learn and improve my viewing of media and how to read it, so maybe we can see my writing grow along with the blog!

You can also check out my Anitwitter for a bit more about me, thanks!




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