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Moe Alternative is an anime blog that started up in December of 2011 by writers Don Don Kun and Sunnie. Initially we created the site because we just wanted a place to write about anime, though as of now our direction has shifted towards editorials ranging from industry trends to fan culture to video games. We’d like our site to be a place where we can post some well-constructed thoughts for a wide audience to read and discuss. Below you can read a bit about each of us and our backgrounds with anime.



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Hello, I am the man that goes by many names, but for the sake of simplicity, I go by Prinny here at Moe-Alternative. Also known as 1obit, Purinii. and Arekushii, I used to be an internet vagabond, roaming and writing for and about anything I could. Donny (DDK) gave me a trial basis back in 2013 where I began my illustrious career of writing about anime for his blog. It took off from there, and here we are today: producing and consuming content for you, the reader.

I’m a pretty laid back guy  (currently the only contributor to the site at the moment!) and my writing focus is on being supportive and offering recommendations to those both new and old fans of Japanese animation.

I have no real particular favorite genre or bias, I’ll write and watch just about anything.


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