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Donny has been focusing on his own endeavors at the moment, and has more than likely taken management of this site to the back seat. In the mean time, general inquires can be directed to me, and I can be contacted in a number of ways that I will provide below.




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  1. Hello, my name is BlakeKarl, and I must say I love the blog. I am a beginner in the world that is anime, and I must say, this world is a heaven in its own. Just thought I would shoot a comment of appreciation to you guys, great work.


  2. Hi – How are you?

    I was at your website today and found this blog:

    I work for a company called The Collectionary. We are building the best place to go on the internet to find and buy items for avid collectors.

    We would love to feature your blog on our Anime Facebook page with over
    108,000 fans - . In return, we’d love it if you’d help promote our site to your readers. You could either write a short post about our site and/or include a link to our Anime Collectionary on your site.

    We think that your blog offers great content and something our Anime fans would love reading about. We also think that the readers of your blog would enjoy seeing some of the great Anime items in The Collectionary.

    Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send over our logo and link, then we’ll schedule a time to post about you on our FB page.


    Pretty H.

    The Collectionary

    • Hello Pretty H.,

      We’re really pleased to hear that you’re interested in featuring our blog on your Anime Facebook page. We’d love to be able to connect with more anime fans across the globe and this would provide us with a great opportunity to do so! In return, we’d be happy to promote your site to our readers via adding you to our blogroll, mentioning it in our status updates and tweets. You can email us the necessary links and logos at and we can work out the posting time via email.

      Also, if you don’t mind us asking, we’re curious as to what aspect of our site caught your attention as we like hearing from our readers about what works and what doesn’t.

      Kind Regards,
      DDK and the Moe-Alternative crew

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