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[HorribleSubs] Osomatsu-san - 14 [720p].mkv_snapshot_00.19_[2016.01.11_19.05.48]

It’s been over a year since I posted anything here but sometimes surprises do happen!

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do it for HER

Woah, a new MoeAlt member? What is this? Does this mean people are gonna actually be writing again? Well I don’t know about other people, especially not that Masserati fella, but I definitely will be.

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Anime Studies Online is a recently assembled website with a focus on the collaborative nature of academic journals – except with anime. A far more professional attempt at coverage of anime as the sum of its parts rather than a homogenous and general summary. Despite their provocative domain name, their intent is clear and concise.

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Anime Cliques, Critics and Communities


In which you get to hear me simultaneously rant about the negative aspects of anime communities and espouse “power of friendship” speeches from the 1000+ episodes of mahou shoujo anime that I’ve watched!

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Writing about Anime 102 – Learn the Subject Matter


On this episode of Writers Guide by the Moe-Alt crew, I will be touching base on why it’s important to have an open mind, learn the source material, and make sure you know what you’re talking about before you get exposed like a fraud by some stranger on the internet.

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Moe-Alternative has Reached 100,000 Views!


At long last, our humble blog, Moe-Alternative has reached 100,000 views! Although small-time compared to the big anime blogs out there, it’s nonetheless a huge achievement for us and we’d like to take a few moments to go through all the obligatory congratulatory mubo-jumbo that nobody likes reading.

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Arguing about Anime – A Survival Guide


Ever felt as though you’re constantly getting brushed off during heated arguments, or just want your writing to be more persuasive? If so, then look no further, as this guide will acquaint you with some strategies that can help you manage and get the most out of online discussions about anime.

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Writing About Anime 101 – A Review Guideline Collaboration Post


A collection of tips, tricks, and pro strategies to help budding young writers on their merry path into the world of writing about anime and reviewing them, written by resident authors Don Don Kun and Aleksei!

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I’m glad I know sign language, it’s pretty handy.


Salutations! My name is Stellio and my friend DDK has graciously allowed me to join this blog in recent times. While blogging isn’t a completely foreign concept to me, this is my first time moving to an online space, and I prefer to see this as a first-run expedition. That is, an endeavor meant to succeed, but could potentially take a long time to consummate.

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The End of Episodics


Episodic blogging is something that I’ve stuck to for the past year or so, and while it’s mostly been a positive experience, I feel some changes are finally in order.

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