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Selector Infected WIXOSS First Impression – Card Protector Sleeves With My Waifu On It

[DeadFish] Selector Infected WIXOSS - 01 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_00.59_[2014.04.06_08.15.33]

I’ve been severely lacking in anime that involve young girls locked into brutal and vicious to the death combat over a card game, and thankfully, Selector Infected WIXOSS has brought new and refreshing content to the table.

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Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii First Impressions – We Gotta Please the Male Viewers!


If you were ever wondering how not to do a lighthearted high-fantasy title, this is probably as good of an example of any.

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Shamanic Princess – A Diamond in the Rough

Shamanic Princess

A slightly obscure yet ambitious OVA for its time period, Shamanic Princess is a peculiar fusion of demonic motifs, metaphysical imagery and unorthodox chronology.

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Sakura Trick Episode 2 – Yuri Pandemonium


I don’t remember there being this many leg shots in episode one.

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First Impressions on Sakura Trick – Yuri Paradise


This is the epitome of anime.

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Kyousou Giga – Future, Past, & Present Quarrels


A journey into Kyousou Giga is an experience like no other. It is perhaps, out of all things, most analogous to wandering in a circus, stumbling upon the Hall of Mirrors, and coming back having witnessed a sensational light show. In other words, Kyousou Giga is a show that stands out for its use of exuberant visuals; it displays a charm that is unique and impressive.
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Galilei Donna – Look, Galileo’s Rolling in His Grave!


Recently, anime adaptations of western culture have become somewhat of an outlandish trend. Not only are these adaptations capitalized by world-building over historical accuracy, but they are also filled with unremarkable plot twists that occur spontaneously. Instead of quality writing and a substantial narrative, one will find uninspired executions of characterization and pretentious attempts at making grandiose, explosive scenes seem more than they really are. Regrettably, Galilei Donna is an anime that exhibits the very shortcomings of this trend.

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Appraisal of Nodame Cantabile – The Classical Farce


Rarely does one become so absorbed by a series that they cannot articulate the beauty and serenity of it. Nodame Cantabile is one of those series.

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Remodel of Choujigen Game Neptune The Fanfiction Episode One


A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away, slime monsters existed to pester extremely beautiful women, whose bosoms shined ever so brightly amongst sexual innuendos.

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Uchoten Kazoku First Impressions – Japanese Mythological Shapeshifting Raccoon Dogs

[HorribleSubs] Uchouten Kazoku - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_01.51_[2013.07.07_15.12.50]

Uchoten Kazoku is the one of the few series running that isn’t a sequel of some sort, and it has the added benefit of a main character than can and will change genders.

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